Christer Grönlund

FoU - Christer Grönlund

I mainly work on signal/image processing techniques of biomedical signal within the fields of bioelectricity, and ultrasound imaging. Applications of the methods are in cardiovascular and skeletal muscle tissue characterization. 

Degrees: Assoc. Prof. in 2012, and Ph.D. from the University of Umeå, Sweden in 2007. M.Sc. in engineering physics from the University of Umeå, Sweden in 2002.

Research projects:
Cardiovascular arterial plaque and cardiac tissue characterization
Ultrasonic analysis of co-ordination between cardiac blood flow and wall motion
High speed multimodal analysis of skeletal muscle contraction
Surface electromyography imaging

Development projects:
• Programmable high-speed near-infrared spectroscopy spectroscopy (NIRS) system
• Method for simultaneous measurement of cardiac flows and myocardial motion
• Platform for real-time analysis of vascular plaques

Scientific publications
Journal papers and Conference papers
PhD thesis
• Masterthesis

Custom made software
• Method for quantification of MU synchronization in monopolar surface-EMG recordings (MATLAB)
 Reference: Grönlund C, Holtermann A, Roeleveld K, Karlsson JS: “Motor unit synchronization during fatigue: A novel quantification method”, J Electromyogr kinesiol., 19, 242-251, 2009
• Method to quantify signal quality in multichannel data (MATLAB)
 Referens: Grönlund C, Roeleveld K, Holtermann A, Karlsson JS: ”On-line signal quality estimation of multichannel surface electromyograms”, Med Biol Eng Comp, 357-364, 2005

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