The University Hospital of Umeå

The University Hospital of Umeå, which for several years in a row has been named the best university hospital in the country, is responsible for specialist health care for almost 900,000 inhabitants in an area that covers just over half of Sweden. Extensive research and education is conducted at the hospital, in collaboration with Umeå University and several other institutions.

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Since 2009, medical students at Umeå University may do the clinical part of their education in Luleå, Sundsvall and Östersund and not, as before, only in Västerbotten. A broad range of clinical experience during the training benefits the whole of northern Sweden. In the fall of 2018, Umeå University's medical program started a trial track orientated toward rural medicine. This means that students during semesters 5-11 can focus on rural medicine. This involves regular clinical placements at the cottage hospital in Storuman and at Lycksele Hospital.

Effective collaboration

The University Hospital of Umeå collaborates with Skellefteå Hospital and Lycksele Hospital, and can thereby concentrate rarer treatments to one of the county's three hospitals to make best use of resources. Patients who need care often should get it as close to home as possible. In some cases, this might mean that the patient uses distance-spanning technology for their doctor's visit or for taking samples.

Region Västerbotten is investing SEK 3 billion in the coming years to modernize and develop the hospital through extensive renovations and additions. The other two hospitals are also being modernized to meet the residents’ expectations of good care and the employees’ need for a good working environment.

In order to safeguard and develop excellence, Region Västerbotten is investing in eight so-called profile areas. Six of them are located at the University Hospital of Umeå and two are regional-wide. The definition of a profile area within the highly specialized care at the university hospital is that it is nationally and internationally prominent in care and research, and that it interacts with and connects different specialties.

Profile areas at the University Hospital of Umeå:

  • Treatment of Brachial plexus injuries
  • Cardiovascular genetics
  • Airborne intensive care transport
  • Stereotactic functional neurosurgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Neonatal intensive care

Other profile areas in Region Västerbotten:

  • Public health
  • Rural medicine, with a focus on distance-spanning technologies

Innovation clinics are an example of how Region Västerbotten collaborates with the business community to develop and improve. It is a concept for how healthcare organizations can work systematically with innovation, development and change in partnerships that create added value - directly in the everyday life of health care.

The innovation clinics will act as cutting edge elements in the everyday work life, and further the development in health- and medical-care. Innovation clinics develop, test and evaluate not only products, services and processes, but also models for change.

Today, there are three innovation clinics in Region Västerbotten, the dental clinic Idun in Umeå, a medical department at the university hospital and the healthcare centre in Bjurholm.

In conjunction with a renovation of one of the psychiatry care departments, the region collaborated with Philips to create an interior where light and thoughtful design provide a safe and healing environment for patients. That experience is now being utilized when the new psychiatry building is being built.



Brita Winsa, Healthcare Director, +46 70-352 47 16

Jonas Claesson, Deputy Healthcare Director, +46 70-388 41 69

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