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2015-09-30 NPA Annual Conference 2015 – State of the Region

Since the programme area analysis for the Cooperation Programme document was carried out in early 2013, the programme area has not stood still. Rapid developments are taking place, not least in the Arctic part of the area. There is a need to refresh our information.

Norra Periferi och Arktisprogrammet håller årskonferens
Det transnationella Norra Periferi och Arktisprogrammet anordnar årligen en konferens för att lyfta fram de senaste händelseutvecklingarna och skapa en mötesplats för dem som är intresserade av att utveckla idéer inom ramen för programmet. Årets konferens går av stapeln den 30 september i Kuopio och har fokus på utvecklingar i programområdet samt arktiskt samarbete. 
Antalet deltagare är begränsat till 100 stycken. De som är intresserade av att delta ombeds att fylla i en intresseanmälan. Klicka här. 

Mer information finns i inbjudan.


För mer information, kontakta Saija Tikkanen  saija.tikkanen@northernperiphery.eu.

Draft Agenda


Tuesday 29th September
19:00Welcome Reception for conference participants – location tbc. Early registration.
Wednesday 30th September – NPA Annual Conference 2015, Scandic Hotel
09:00-09:15Chair: Harry Ekestam tbc opens the conferenceWelcome address – Region Mayor Jussi Huttunen (including a presentation on Smart Specialisation in the Pohjois-Savo region)
Programme Results
09:15-09:45Outcome baseline exercise – Nathalie Wergles tbc (& 1-2 experts)How was the baseline exercise carried out? What is the outcome: the current state of the programme area, and which targets do we set for ourselves? Where do we have to go in order to deliver the results sought?
09:45-10:15Panel discussion – What is the meaning of the baselines and how can projects contribute?Panellists: Nathalie Wergles tbc, max. 4 panel experts and interviewer (JS)
10:15-10:30DG Regio speaker – importance of making results focus concrete in ETC programmes
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Coordination between programmes
11:00-11:20Outcomes preparatory project Coordination Mechanism, regional policy coordination in the Arctic – speaker tbc
11:20-11:40Coordination with other instruments –speaker dealing with several programmes
Programme Status
11:40-12:10NPA Programme Status after programme approval and 2 calls – JS
12:10-12:30Introduction of afternoon programme  – JS
Workshop sessions – 2 parallel sessions
13:30-15:30Workshop for projectsMind map exercise with projects to find thematic synergies and gaps, to promote greater awareness among projects of each other, and where they can make a contribution. (links back to baseline exercise and programme status)Workshop on coordination Panel discussion with representatives from several programmes/instruments.Identifying synergies and opportunities for coordination, potential barriers for a better integration.
15:30-16:00Coffee break. After the break, all participants gather again in the plenary room.
Closing session
16:00-16:20Report from workshop sessions – rapporteurs
16:20-16:30Launch of the Third Call tbc – JS
16:30-16:50Key note speech: State of the Region – Finnish personality
16:50-17:00Wrap up – Chair
18:30Buses leave for conference dinner


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