Madelene Holmgren

Madelene Holmgren

I’m a PhD student and I’m interested in biofluidmechanics in the brain circulation. I develop methods and tools for measurements and analysis of blood flow rates and pressures in brain arteries. For this, I use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computational methods (CFD). The application is within stroke, the aging brain and other neurological diseases, but is useful for all areas where blood flow in the brain is relevant. 

I have a degree in Engineering physics from Umeå university and have worked at this department since 2016.   

MSc, Engineering Physics, 2016Umeå University  

Research and development projects
MRI for analysis of cerebral blood flow, within Umeå Hydrocephalus research group 

List of publications.  

Phone: 090-785 40 62 
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