Nina Sundström

FoU - Nina Sundström

I am the Team Leader for the research group at MT-FoU, chairman of the Swedish Hydrocephalus Quality Registry and Associate Editor for the scientific journal "Fluids and barriers of the CNS". I work with research and development mainly in the areas of gait and balance and biological pressures and flow. Focus is on measurement of gait and balance in the clinical setting, and in this area I have a PhD student engaged. A second focus is measurement and modelling of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in patients with Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and in Traumatic Brain Injury.
During 2014-2015 I work part time for the regional organization “Region Västerbotten” as a project leader for the project “Safety, service and participation by digital techniques in the home”. The aim of the project is to use digital techniques to increase the safety of elderly living at home, enable a continued life at home for an increased period of time, improve the health of the elderly and enable a more active social life.

Degree of education: Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering 2007, M. Sc. Engineering Physics 2000.

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