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As a senior researcher at the department, and within my position as an adjunct professor in biomedical engineering at the Department of Radiation Sciences at Umeå University, I work with research and development in the areas of biomedical engineering and medical informatics. This includes the development of methods for diagnosis of neurosensory and microcirculatory disturbances, development of portable equipment for measurement and analysis of joint and body movements and the development of supportive or assistive ICT applications to be used by persons for prevention or management of ill-health.

 In addition, I am also conducting research in the area of occupation medicine and hygiene in close collaboration with the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University and other national and international research groups. This includes development and testing of methods for diagnosis of work related injury and quantification of exposure. The overall aim is to prevent ill-health and to minimize a person's daily exposure to physical stress, such as exposure to vibration, noise, and heavy manual work. I am also running a Swedish researcher network within the area of vibration and health ( 

Research and development

Ongoing projects
• GYROVIB – Measurement and analysis of body movement in the neck, shoulders and back while expose to lateral pertubations in a sitting posture.
• NEOVIB - Registration and analysis of the physiological effects of exposure to noise and vibration on children's health in the neonatal air or ground transportation.
• VIBNET-Swedish researcher network for vibration and health (
• HAVIC - Prospective Studies on the Relationship Between Power Tool Exposure and Health Effects.
• AGNES - Successful Ageing in an Networked Society. (

 Completed projects
• AnyMo – Development and commercialization of a portable equipment for measurement and analysis of body movements  (
• VINET - Research network on detection and prevention of injuries due to Occupational Vibration Exposures (
• SUNDS - Health effect of vibration, ergonomics, noise and stress on the hand/arm in hand-intensive work - a 20-year follow-up.
• TESTOPS - Testing suspension seats for end-stop impacts (
• VIBRISKS - Risks of Occupational vibration Exposures (
• VIBNERV - Effects on the hand nerve function after exposure to hand-arm vibrations of different amplitude, frequency, duration, duty cycle and grip force.

Scientific publications
Journal papers

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