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OSIRIS Interreg Europe

The OSIRIS-project improves design, rapid delivery and implementation of open and social innovation policies and action plans. Powered by co-creative international and regional ecosystems we design future solutions of societal challenges.

OSIRIS is an inter-regional cooperation project improving the delivery of innovation policy. In OSIRIS, all sectors of society has a role. Join us and be a part of tomorrow’s
solutions – today!

OSIRIS addresses essential challenges of seven public bodies in Europe: North (SE, FI), South (IT, PT, GR), East (SK) and West (NL). The challenges are referring to: employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy. They all run Good Practices (GP) on Open and Social Innovation (OSI). Policy Instruments (PIs) need implementation of more effective Smart Specialization Strategies enhancing border-crossing interregional media solutions, visualizing and disseminating improvements and changes, increasing involvement for regional growth and employment.

OSIRIS aims at improving design, rapid delivery and implementation of OSI policies and Action plans through co-creative regional eco-systems for innovation, inspired by the Lead Partner cocreative cyclic GP, the Innovation Loop. Policy-makers’ innovation management skills and cocreativity will be accelerated by interregional collaboration in focussed sectors and disciplines,
adopting the penta-helix model (Government-Research-Business-Citizens-Society), empowering the Public Information Sector.

A set of co-creative workshops for participatory policy design and exchange of knowledge, ensure individual, organizational and stakeholders involvement and learning, resulting in
identification and implementation of desirable changes in the seven PIs, supported by ERDF/ESF.

The 54 months project develops policy-makers’ capacities to:
• exploit and optimize the potential of OSI methods and tools for delivering innovation policies addressing real life issues and societal challenges
• get shared visions for designing new projects, services and products
• make regional and local governments driving co-design enabled innovation.

Outputs from the co-creative workshops, the export of successful GPs and the strategic policy recommendations iteratively developed and intertwined with proactive research and innovation
will enhance the evolution of powerful Action Plans (AP) boosting societal quality of life.

Region Västerbotten is Lead Partner for the OSIRIS-project.
For more information: www.interregeurope.eu/osiris


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