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Region Västerbotten is a co-operative body which is responsible of regional development in Västerbotten County. Västerbotten County Council and the county’s 15 municipalities established Region Västerbotten 1 January 2008. Region Västerbotten is a political organisation which is responsible for regional development issues and regional growth.

Region Västerbotten’s main mission is to focus on the county’s growth and development. Region Västerbotten aims to increase the attractiveness and create the best possible living conditions for the county’s citizens. It is the intention that this will lead to a positive regional development that creates employment, good access to education, leisure and culture, a good living standard and good public services. Examples of responsibilities are to monitor and influence the processes and decisions at EU and national level that affect the region and to manage the county’s growth strategies and development priorities.


The main activities of Region Västerbotten are regional development planning, business and entrepreneurship, tourism energy, environment and climate, expertise and training, transport infrastructure and communications, information technology and communication, renewal of public services, international engagement and community work.

One important task for Region Västerbotten is also to co-ordinate the regional development plan in the county and the Regional Growth Programme (2014-) for Västerbotten County. The Regional Development Plan (2014-2020) defines the goals and prioritised strategy areas for future development of the region. The plan is divided into five strategy areas:

  • Communities that include and develop their residents
  • Strutures for innovation
  • Environmentally- driven development
  • Investments in education and skills
  • Locations-based business development
  • An accessible and out-ward region

The strategy areas includes more specific goals, strategies and actions strategies. The development of trade and industry highlight a number of important activities, which should stimulate structural transformation and renewal of businesses:

  • Promote environmental-driven business by actively encouraging and stimulating product and market development based on social and technological innovations that contribute to sustainability;
  • Strengthen and increase entrepreneurship, new business creation and business environment by improving attitudes towards entrepreneurship;
  • Stimulate more investments and better conditions for capital supply by offering finance solutions;
  • Accumulate strength in research and other development areas in order to develop existing and new clusters and innovation systems; and
  • Make use of the public sector as a driver for sustainable growth, services, business creation and hiving-offs.

The development of trade and industry is also supported by the Regional innovation strategy(2014-2020). The regional Innovation Strategy aims to provide better conditions for people, businesses,
organizations and academia to develop ideas that can provide economic profits to the region. The innovation strategy highlights the need
to further develop the region’s capital and financial support at times of innovation and business development.

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