ErgoExposure - Measurement and illustration of ergonomic exposure

We are developing an iOS application (ErgoExposure) for assessing the ergonomic exposure of a person's shoulder joint (see example views from the app in Figure 1 below). To perform this type of measurement and assessment, instruments that clearly illustrate long-term measurements of a joint angle are needed. This has proved difficult to realize in a clear and user-friendly way.

Therefore, we want to try a novel method for this purpose, specifically by using Exposure Variance Analysis (EVA), which has previously been used for analysis of physiological signals (e.g. EMG). With this method we can illustrate both the angular intervals within which the arm has moved, and whether the movement has been static or dynamic. 

Figure 1: Screenshots of the current appearance of the app. 

ErgoExposure contains functions that give ergonomists the opportunity to systematically collect measurement data that describes a person's ergonomic exposure in everyday life. Today, this is usually done through observational studies directly at a workplace. The app assistance the ergonomist by allowing a more objective measure of a person's exposure, while at the same time removing the need for firsthand observations, increasing the freedom of the ergonomist. Instead, the study person can carry out the measurements themselvesThis way, the ergonomist can be more efficient in their work, resulting in an increased amount of workplace visits. 

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