Research areas

Together with clinical partners, the department conducts successful research, primarily in six different research areas. Read more about these below.

-Assessment of motion function with objective motion analysis

Movement analysis includes modelling  and analysis of the function of the musculoskeletal system by measuring how different body parts move in relation to each other. We have been working with motion analysis for more than 20 years. The research takes place in close collaboration with clinics and we can also assist with the development of systems, measurement methods and data analysis. Read more here.

-Brain Imaging

At Umeå University and Region Västerbotten, extensive research that focuses on brain imaging is conducted. The Center for Medical Technology and Radiation Physics, MT-FoU contributes to this research through strong methodological expertise. 

-Heart rate variability - a method for assessing autonomic function 

Heart rate variability designates the variation in heart rate that occurs between each heartbeat. It reflects the activity of the autonomic nervous system. At MT-FoU, we develop methods for analysis of heart rate variability which are then used in various clinical studies. 

-Intracranial pressure and flow dynamics  

Umeå has a long tradition of research and measurements regarding pressure and flows around the brain, as well as the measurement and analysis thereof. Researchers at MT-FoU work in close collaboration with neurologists and neurosurgeons to increase the understanding of the brain's pressure- and flow dynamics and how disorders in this relate to various disease states.  

-Medical sensors 

Medical sensors form a broad definition. Such devices are developed and used in several research groups at MT-FoU. A couple of examples are wireless sensors that measure acceleration and position of the human body, as well as pressure and flow sensors used in various body cavities and vessels. 

-Ultrasound imaging 

We develop new ultrasound-based methods for neuromuscular and cardiovascular applications, and support clinical research projects linked to ultrasound imaging with our strong expertise. The foundation in this research is our programmable ultrasound systems.