Helena Grip

FoU - Helena Grip

I took my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Umå university in 2008, and have since then mainly done research and development within the field of medical motion analysis. The overall aim of my research is to develop methods that facilitate the diagnosis of disorders that effect the motion pattern, such as neurological and musculosceletal diorders. The aim is also to improve the understanding of underlying mechanisms behind such disorders. Since this is a multidisciplinary field, I work in close collaboration with physicians and physiotherapists.

I am currently studying effects from arterior cruciate ligament injuries on knee function and dynamic knee stability, with the aim to further improve the clinical scales and methods that currently are used within knee rehabilitation. More information about  the research project is found here:

Knee Function after ACL Injury - long term consequences

I also study motor function after stroke based on laboratory based kinematic analysis and functional MRI, in order to evaluate the clinical measures of motor function that are used in the stroke care today. More information about the research project is found here:

Movement control in stroke (MOST)

Further, I work with different applications that include portable motion sensors in order to develop tests that can be used at the clinic when a motion analysis laboratory is not avaiable.

A list of my publications is found here.

Phone   : +46 (0)90-785 4029
E-mail   : Helena.Grip@regionvasterbotten.se