Per Hallberg, head of department

Per Hallberg

I am the head of the department of Biomedical engineering R&D and associate professor at Umeå University. My research has been focused on sensor development for analyzes of the eye's biomechanical properties related to disease and treatment, but also participated in developing and evaluating measurement systems for remote healthcare. From 2013 I have had a lectureship at Umeå University with assignments as program manager, director of studies and head of department. I also have a strong commitment to the Center for biomedical engineering and physics, CMTF, where I was director during the period 2016 - 2017.

Degree of education:    
Associate professor (docent) 2015, Umeå University
PhD biomedical engineering 2006, Umeå University
Sc. Engineering Physics, 2001, Umeå University 

Research and development projects
Corneal biomechanical properties
Assessing biomechanics of the eye using ocular blood flow measurement 

Scientific publications

Contact information  
Phone: +46 73 0524553, +46 90 785 4086