Petter Holmlund

Petter Holmlund

I work as a research engineer in the Umeå Hydrocephalus Research Group at the Department of Radiation Sciences. I mainly work as a researcher within the field of Biomedical Engineering, focusing on modeling and measurement of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and cerebral blood flow, with applications towards neurosciences. Currently, I am involved in projects studying the fluid dynamic interactions between the eye and brain with respect to gravitational/postural effects, investigations of the Glymphatic system (a suggested clearance system for the brain), as well as studies of the perfusion pressure within the arteries of the brain during surgical interventions. Methods I work with include pressure measurements, MRI and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

In 2019 I received my PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Department of Radiation Sciences, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. Before that, I graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Umeå University in 2014. A list of my publications, including my PhD thesis, can be found at my Umeå University webpage (see the link below). 

Research and Development projects 
Microgravity physiology and intracranial pressure for understanding spaceflight induced intracranial hypertension and vision alteration (PI Anders Eklund) 

Scientific Publications 
See my Umeå University webpage below.  

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