Thesis projects

Thesis has always been an important part of the activities of the department. This uses the student’s theoretical knowledge in practice in a hospital setting and at the same time the student gets to know a future employer.

The student helps us with tasks and to find new solutions to the challenges of our research. Every year the department receives students doing thesis work in a number of medical fields and a large part of the departments own recruitment has been among recent graduates who made their thesis work at the department.

Sounds interesting, please look through the department's main research areas listed below.

Areas of thesis
• signal analysis of physiological signals
• analysis of medical images
• hydrodynamic models and systems
• biomechanical modeling and analysis
• new solutions linked to eHealth

If YOU are interested in a challenging thesis of 15 (Bachelor) or 30 (Master) credits in biomedical engineering please contact Helena Grip via e-mail. Please let me know if you are interested, even if there is currently no proposel for a thesis project on this page. 

Suggested thesis

Examples of completed thesises
• Vibration diagnostics on the soles of the feet
• correlation between cardiac pulse waves in arterial blood pressure and intracranial pressure
• statistical methods and models for the assessment of cardiac function based on ultrasound
• Analysis and Visualization
• visualization of articulation designed for motion analysis