NYHETER 2021-02-24

Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions – Final conference

Together with our project partner Nordic Welfare Centre, on behalf of the Government Offices of Sweden, we are arranging the final conference of the project Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions*.

Time to close, but not finish, after nearly 3,5 years of detailed studies, review of knowledge and hardcore support to implement distance spanning services in healthcare and care in the Nordics. Join us and listen to how we will bring this with us into the future.

What will happen?

The Ministers for Health and Social affairs from the Nordic countries, Faroe Island, Greenland and Åland will attend the conference for a joint discussion. The focus will be on the opportunities which future healthcare and social care models will bring to the Nordic citizens, when distance spanning healthcare and social care services become more frequently used and developed.

Examples prominent speakers, sharing new knowledge:

  • Somya Joshi at Stockholm Environment Institute, who will introduce new studies related to a climate impact analysis and synergies and tradeoffs between Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.
  • Christine Gustafsson from Mälardalen University from the Nordic research network: Health and Welfare Technology (HWT), will share their findings from the scoping review of the user perspective on healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions.

The conference will also be portraying insights and messages from healthcare and social care personnel and a guide of VOPD findings, and how we will make use of this knowledge in the period 2021-2024.

A programme will be shared early March 2021.

Registration to the conference

The conference will be held Online on the 25th of March 11:15-15:15 CET.
A link will be provided through email.

Registrate to the conference

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*Healthcare and Care Through Distance Spanning Solutions, Vård och Omsorg På Distans - VOPD 2018-2021 is a priority project forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018.

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