Tomas Vikner

Tomas Vikner

I am a PhD student working with cerebral hemodynamics in relation to aging and cognition. My PhD project mainly revolves around cerebral arterial pulsatility that we study with 4D flow MRI, which is a flow-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging technique covering the whole brain in a single scan. Other MRI techniques to study the cerebral microcirculation (e.g. dynamic contrast enhanced MRI and functional MRI) are also of interest. The main goal is to provide further understanding regarding how hemodynamic mechanisms could contribute to cognitive decline and dementia.       

I have a degree in Engineering physics from Umeå university and have worked at this department since 2018.   

MSc, Engineering Physics, 2018, Umeå University 

Research project 
Cerebral arterial pulsatility imaging using 4D flow MRI – methodological development and associations to brain function. The research group is called “Umeå Hydrocephalus research group”, where Anders Wåhlin is my main supervisor. We also have a lot of collaboration with Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI), which is central to my PhD project.  

Scientific publications 
Seelist of publicationson the Umeå University website.   

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